Our Process

Preperation for your new flooring is the key to a successful polyurea bond.
Our process contains multiple steps that will ensure your concrete will stay protected for decades.

There are multiple steps to our process

  •  Survey and inspect concrete and test moisture levels
  •  Diamond Grind Concrete Floor
  •  Vacuum and Blow out area
  •  Seal small cracks and pits with polyurea
  •  Cutout and grind necessary areas after they dry
  •  Vacuum and blow out area again
  •  Apply polyurea around edges with hand brush
  •  Dump or Spray Polyurea Compound Contingent on Area
  •  Spead Color Flakes, Sand, Roll Color, or Metallic Finish
  •  Scrape, sweep, vacuum excess flakes, if applied
  •  Apply clear coat and return to services in a couple of hours!